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Skills-first recruiting that opens doors for more workers.

Sample Candidate Profile as seen by a recruiter

With Merify, recruiters can quickly and fairly compare candidates apples to apples before ever seeing their resumes.

Talent acquisition that begins with skill-level data allows recruiters to skip time-consuming screening steps, like resume parsing, phone screening, and reference checking.

Sample Candidate Profile as seen by a recruiter
Sample Candidate Profile as seen by a recruiter
Sample Candidate Profile as seen by a recruiter

Our quantitative skill data is verified and standardized by a person's professional community.

Trustworthy, easy to interpret data frees recruiters up to spend more time building relationships. And Merify works for both technical and soft skills in any industry.

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Skills-first recruiting finds previously overlooked talent pools.

Education requirements filter out half of all qualified candidates before they're ever seen by recruiters. Merify expands access to opportunity by focusing on what technical and soft skills a candidate has proven, not where they learned those skills.

Setting up Merify for recruiting is simple.

Step 1

Recruiters Create a Skill Verification Request

Pick the skills you want to verify, who should verify them, and by what date.

Recruiter creating a skill verification request on a desktop browser
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Step 2

Candidates Rate Themselves

Merify guides candidates through the quick, simple process of setting up their profiles. After adding their self-assessed skills, candidates reach out to their colleagues to rate them.

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Step 3

A Candidate's Colleagues Rate Them

The process is system-guided, anonymous and fast. All reviews go through our transparent, patent-pending vetting and insights logic to ensure confidence and accuracy.

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Step 4

Recruiters Use The Results To Compare Candidates

Start relationships miles past resumes by understanding candidate skills up front. Quickly identify who is the best candidate for a role by focusing on what matters: the skills needed.

Sample Candidate Profile as seen by a recruiter
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Learn more about skills-based hiring with Merify!

Curious about opening your talent pipeline to all candidates, and spending less time on screening? Ask us a question, or schedule a demo to see Merify in action and get pricing info!