Introduce science to the art of managing people

Merify is a democratized skill assessment platform that gives talent managers community-vetted, real-time performance data for their employees with almost no overhead.

Our data is backed by our proprietary statistical analysis so we can embed trustworthiness, accuracy, and equity into our understanding of the skills of any workforce.

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No one has skill-level data that's dynamic and vetted like ours.

Merify provides a text-free, psychologically safe way for team members to rate themselves and each other by skill and proficiency. Our proprietary logic interprets those firsthand observations to create a quantitative, skills-based profile for each employee. These profiles are always up-to-date, and can be used to make fair, data-informed talent management decisions with no extra work.

Sample Candidate Profile as seen by a recruiter
Sample Candidate Profile as seen by a recruiter
Sample Candidate Profile as seen by a recruiter
Manager view of worker profiles

Employee Reviews
Understand who's flourishing and who needs upskilling. Easily track skill growth over time.

Compensation and Promotions
Standardize targets for milestones and more accurately measure progress toward them.

Building Teams
Use employee skill data to create project teams with the exact right skills and proficiencies.

Offer opportunities for teammates to share and grow their skills.

"We deliver our work in small teams and highly distributed contexts, which means it can be hard to get a global picture of everyone’s current skills—and to keep that picture accurate over time. We partnered with Merify because we needed an easy, psychologically safe way for our teammates to assess both their own skills and their peers’ skills.

The Merify team was extremely responsive. They had excellent explanations for the principles behind their design, and were also receptive to suggestions for improvement. Now, our company can more tightly define our key upskilling areas, and we have a clear picture of our in-house skills. With Merify, we now see new opportunities for strategic partnership across profiles."

- Meg Saxby, Partner at The Ready
a Future-of-Work Consultancy

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are foundational to our platform.

DE&I isn't just good for humanity, it's good for business. Here are some of the ways Merify is making it easier to implement standards and practices that help your company limit bias, expand opportunities, and increase transparency.

skill details on a phone

We democratize the assessment process.
Merify's process uses the firsthand observations of many, rather than the secondhand interpretations of a few.

We elevate quiet contributors.
Merify's data makes it easier to identify and reward the top performers who prefer their work speaks for itself.

We level the playing field.
Team members with the same job title are evaluated using the same skill criteria and quantitative process.

We facilitate evidence-based decision making.
Using performance data instead of personal preference when making talent decisions limits many types of bias.

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Ready to gain a skills-based understanding of your workforce that's trustworthy, accurate, and always up-to-date? There are so many ways to use Merify's performance data to increase your team's efficiency and job satisfaction. Let's chat!