We take the guesswork out of hiring and onboarding

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Get candidate references without time-consuming, awkward phone calls.

Merify is fast, web-based, and yields quantitative skill and proficiency data for each candidate.

Compare candidates apples to apples using actual skill data.

With verified skill data, you can make more confident decisions about who makes it past initial screening, who gets a second interview, and who gets hired.

Cut down on the time it takes to onboard new hires.

With visibility into a new hire's strengths and opportunities up front, you'll know exactly where to place them to get them onboarded as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Each step takes just minutes.

The employer sends a request to candidates to verify their skills.

Candidates self-assess their skills and then ask their colleagues to review them.

Colleagues rate the candidate quickly and anonymously.

The employer compares candidates apples to apples with vetted performance data.

A better way to see what a person is good at on-the-job

Merify is a transparent way to share skill-based work history and nurture career growth. Workers can use the information to grow in the job they have, or to find new opportunities. Hiring professionals can use the information to vet a potential candidate and hire with confidence. Our system is:

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The people that a person has worked with know more about their on-the-job performance better than any test or curated career profile could ever say. Our platform provides a way to share that information with honesty and kindness.


Merify's patent-pending system interprets the information we receive to ensure that the most credible voices are elevated. Our process uses transparent metrics, such as how qualified a colleagues is in a skill, time spent working together, and more.


Merify believes that the skills a person can perform and their proficiency at those skills means more than a job title or tenure. In our system, titles and time spent on a job are only used as a means of verifying your relationship with colleagues.


One review improves the quality of thousands. As new information comes in, past determinations are recalculated by our patent-pending system – making Merify a living and growing set of data about the professional community.


Merify aims to level the playing field by offering access to better information to both candidates and hiring professionals. Our tools for career growth and network-building will always be free for candidates using our platform.


Merify is a skill-focused service, so job titles are simply a way of grouping skills and verifying your relationship with colleagues. By highlighting skills instead of titles, you are able to explore new ways of applying and growing your knowledge.

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