Boost productivity and employee experience with continuous feedback.

Merify helps companies build a culture of learning and development by giving employees a psychologically safe way to share performance feedback. Our skill reviews take seconds, making continuous feedback possible and providing a more diverse and accurate picture of an employee’s on-the-job performance. 

We turn manager and peer feedback into quantified, real-time employee skill profiles that automatically update as new skill reviews come in. Let us show you how it works! 

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Psychologically Safe Feedback Process
Leaders want 360 feedback to get a more diverse and accurate picture of performance, but getting authentic, trusted feedback is difficult. With Merify, a person’s feedback is one data point among many, so giving honest feedback feels less intimidating.

In the Flow of Work 
Skill feedback shouldn’t be reserved for performance review cycles. Use Merify to capture authentic feedback while it’s fresh in people’s minds, like after finishing a big project.

Transparent Performance Management
Consistently applied, skill-level metrics promote fairness, reduce bias, and build employee trust. Managers and employees can set skill and proficiency goals together, and use Merify’s real-time employee skill profiles to track progress toward those goals.

Real-Time Employee Skill Profiles
Each new data point grows our understanding of an employee’s skills, making Merify’s performance data trustworthy.

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Two-Week Rollout
Rollout took just two weeks for their 28-employee team. Active time in the system was under 2 hours per employee, including one-time profile setup.

100x Return on Investment
Merify’s psychologically safe peer reviews informed their comp leveling exercise. This resulted in enough annual savings to hire three new employees, all with positive employee feedback on system transparency.

"We deliver our work in small teams and highly distributed contexts, which means it can be hard to get a global picture of everyone’s current skills—and to keep that picture accurate over time. We partnered with Merify because we needed an easy, psychologically safe way for our teammates to assess both their own skills and their peers’ skills.

The Merify team was extremely responsive. They had excellent explanations for the principles behind their design, and were also receptive to suggestions for improvement. Now, our company can more tightly define our key upskilling areas, and we have a clear picture of our in-house skills. With Merify, we now see new opportunities for strategic partnership across profiles."

- Meg Saxby, Partner at The Ready
a Future-of-Work Consultancy

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