Track employee performance at the skill level in real-time.

Merify helps people managers and employees build a culture of continuous learning together.

We take psychologically safe feedback in the flow of work and build science-backed skill profiles that are always current.

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Annual performance reviews alone never show the true picture of employee skills.

😵 They require weeks of downtime and are immediately out of date.

🧐 They lack transparency, resulting in surprising feedback at review time.

😫 They demoralize employees who view them as a hassle that doesn't capture their work.

" can be hard to get a global picture of everyone’s current skills—and to keep that picture accurate over time."
- Meg Saxby, Partner at
The Ready

Build an accurate view of employee skills that's ready whenever you need it with Merify.
😃 Merify starts with continuous feedback that takes seconds.
🤓 Then automatically applies our proprietary data analytics.
😊 And outputs trusted, skill-level profiles that are always current.
Managers and employees are always on the same page with trusted, transparent skill profiles.
👏 Feedback happens more frequently and in the flow of work, reducing memory bias.
👍Giving feedback is psychologically safe and comes from more diverse sources.
🙌 Skill profiles reflect all feedback and data analytics in real-time, so there are no surprises in performance reviews.
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Customer Story:
Using Merify Skill Profiles For Org Planning and Growth

"Now our company can more tightly define our key upskilling areas, and we have a clear picture of our in-house skills. With Merify, we now see new opportunities for strategic partnership across profiles."
- Meg Saxby, Partner at The Ready

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Two-Week Rollout
Rollout took just two weeks for their 28-employee team. Active time in the system was under 2 hours per employee, including one-time profile setup.

50x Return on Investment
Merify’s psychologically safe peer reviews informed their comp leveling exercise. This resulted in enough annual savings to hire three new employees, all with positive employee feedback on system transparency.

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