Dedicated to a future where merit matters the most

Merify is a queer-founded startup focused on improving the systems for hiring and career growth. We started by addressing some of the problems we experienced or witnessed personally, and are building upon that work through key partnerships with experts across many fields.

Meet the Team

Contract Team

Kiyota Sage & Chen Pollina,
Ecliptic Software

Located in the Pacific Northwest, Ecliptic Software specializes in organic, farm-to-cloud, proprietary and custom web-based application development. Kiyota and Chen have worked closely with Greg and Mike to build the front end of our candidate app. Please visit Ecliptic’s website to learn more about their services and to contact them.

Daphne Charles & Tremaine Smith, DEI Consulting

Smith & Charles is a black and queer owned diversity, equity, and inclusion firm. Daphne and Tremaine have worked closely with the team to build Merify and its products with DEI principles and practices at the foundation. Please visit their website to learn more about their services and to contact them.

Diversity, Equity, and
Inclusion at Merify

We know that teams comprised of individuals from varying backgrounds — whether that be race, ethnicity, gender expression, sexual identity, age, or ability — have proven to be the most productive and innovative. As we build our company, we will use the principles of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) as our cornerstones. We have been working with the DEI firm, Smith & Charles, since May 2021, with a focus on identifying any blind spots we might have as we build our platform, so we don’t unintentionally create yet another roadblock that people have to work around. As we grow our team, we will ensure it reflects the workforce as a whole, and not just certain schools, companies, or backgrounds. And we will always design products that serve the majority of the workforce, not just the fortunate few.

Our Values

Be Yourself

We believe people do their best work when they are empowered to show up just as
they are

Change the Game

We seek to enable equitable advancement for people who have earned it and opportunity for those who need it

Clarity is Queen

We elevate transparency for courageous people and organizations that want to grow and thrive

Work in Progress

We advance technologies that amplify good people doing great work